“Open Me” Love letters

One might think it cliche, but here are some of the actual love letters written to each other, stashed away in case of a love emergency:

From William to Zoe:

“Hello, love,

My name is your baby. I admire everything about you. I feel warm even in the coldest temperatures. I feel loved in a world of darkness. My soul needs you to survive like breath for my lungs.

My heart needs you just as much as it needs blood to pump.

I don’t have much, but you can have it all.

My one

My many

My queen

My goddess

…Just mine.”


From Zoe to William:


Loving you has been the greatest pleasure, and my most beautiful adventure. You light the darkest spaces in my mind and soul. All my words are full of loving intention and all my words are the absolute truth. My words and love are my vows to you. Everyday I wake only to see your face, living and breathing for your touch as kisses.

Endlessly yours,



From William to William:

“Hey dude, it’s me, you, Your calm and collected conscience that you need to listen to right now. I know right now you are furious about something Zoe did. I know there is nothing I can say that will make you less upset about the situation because I AM you.

Nothing will make it better or what she did less painful. However, realize that she is your baby and how she is most all of the time, wonderfully loving, so funny that it makes your face hurt, and HONEST about everything.




Love wins.”


From Zoe to Zoe:


Take a deep breathe, feel the light enter you and remember you are his Twin Flame. You have finally found him and that alone is worth fighting for, not over.

Your journey with William has just begun, don’t forget how much love you share with this special amazing being from heaven.

Take a moment and remember these things:

  1. Our first kiss
  2. The way he smiles and his eyes squint
  3. Dancing to EDM in the living room
  4. Sushi at Ponzu
  5. Tattoos and summer love of ’16
  6. His constant poetry that pours out of his heart and into my ears
  7. The way he holds you like a baby
  8. Accidentally shaving his head on black Friday
  9. The time we made sock puppets of ourselves and put on a play
  10. Singing the song Infinity to him under the stars at the park”

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